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About The Asylum

Post  Phunkie on Sat Jun 04, 2011 3:35 pm

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<The Asylum> is a PvPvE focused guild setting the highest standard for guilds on Molten-WoW. We schedule, plan out, and do our very best at the tings we do. Our main goal is Quality over Quantity. If we can only do a 10 man instance because we have too few people, at least we know it will be done promptly and efficiently. We strive to create a "family" and close knit Community for our Guild members, making their gaming experience the best possible one. If you want to be a hardcore Raider we have a spot for you. Casual Raider? We have positions for you also.
Our guild survives on Guild Members doing their job, and exceeding in what they do. If given a task you are expected to do it to the best of your ability. All requests are logical and generally do not ask much.

In the Past (Part I):
We were formerly known as <Soulbound>. Many of you may have seen us, or have raided with us at a hosted guild raid. We were an Elite guild based on the same current values, which are more defined now. And a hell of alot more organized. We reformed the guild with a new name and a new beginning, due to the Guild Leader being banned over "Sexual Harassment" then "Incompetence" (roflbbq ask for more info if you want the full story).
<The Asylum> is still being ran by Pandemiik. Just on a different character.

In the Past (Part II):
Before Soulbound we were known as <Path to Hell>. A guild accepting any and everyone as a "Learning and Teaching" course. Teaching noobs to be Pros and helping out the community by gearing up the people who had no hope at all and turning them into some of the best players. Not everyone made it, but you can only lead a horse to water, you cannot make it drink.

Final Conclusion:

We WILL make <The Asylum> the absolute best it can possibly be. With a mixture of blood, sweat, and little baby angel tears, we can accomplish anything.


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