Guidelines as a Member

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Guidelines as a Member

Post  Phunkie on Sat Jun 04, 2011 3:43 pm

Application Rules

The Guild as a whole has decided that 3,500 gearscore is a reasonable requirement to RAID, any level 80 can join us.

I do not require you to be of a certain age level to be in the guild, but I do require a maturity level. I'm not asking you to not have a sense
of humor. But somethings that are said aren't exactly for "children". So if you have a problem with foul language, and dark humor, maybe this
isn't the guild for you.

Be honest, the only thing i hate more than a noob... is a liar. Dont bullshit us. We WILL Find out.

General Guild Rules

Please Respect all Guild members, these players are your 2nd family. Respect other players in general, inside guild and outside of guild. Yes,
I know, this is a game and some people aren't friendly. Guild image and proper representation is needed. Show others how professional we are.
Show them an amazing guild, and how they are acting childish by flaming at you. It's hard but it's a MUST.

Being Dedicated to the guild will benefit you, among others in the guild. Being on time for a raid or event is highly stressed.If you are late,
you make everyone else late. Making things take up more time than they actually should. Dedication means alot of things. Being on time, being
online, and being active are only a few of the terms that come to mind.

The way you display yourself is the way others will precieve the guild as a whole. Begging in /g, /s, /y, /p, /raid, /rw, /bg, /em is NOT allowed
and is highly prohibited. If you need the help, ask nicely in guild chat, you have a better shot at getting a response. Being rude to other players
will deplete the image we strive so hard to create and maintain.

Just Ask-
The only stupid question is the one you didn't ask. If you dont know something, ask. If you need help, ask. If someone is available to help you
they will. But this ability is not to be abused. Sometimes the answer you seek is located on the web. There are plenty of notable sites and addons
that can assist you, maybe more so than a player. As far as professions go, if you need something made. Try to get as many of the materials
as possible, and ask the person if they have the rest of the materials that are required. Players are not required to offer assistance, but are
encouraged to do so. Brownie Points are always a plus, right?

New Members-
New members have their own rank, and they stay on that rank for 1 week. This gives us time to communicate with them and form a bond, and it
also gives the new members a shot at earning some points for the loot system to get started. Once you have been approved by the
officers after the 1 week, we bump you up to normal member rank. ("Trial" ranked new members do not have permission to withdraw from
the guild bank, or bid/roll on loot.)

The Schedule will be followed, and will be a requirement as an Elite to attend if you are online at the current time of a raid. (Depending on the Guild populaton)
Failure to attend will result in a demotion, to a probational period. Failure to raid on the probation rank will result in an instant and very swift /gkick.

Wall of Shame-
I will be implementing "The Wall of Shame" for the players who could not hold up to our current reasonable standards. If you leave the guild on
bad terms. Your name will be placed here. oh yeh did i forget to mention? we have alliance friends *el oh el* *smileyface*

Old Members-
Are allowed to returned as so long as they left at a good standing with everyone.

After 15 days of inactivity you will be kicked, unless you post a reasonable excuse on the proper page on the forums. Letting us know you got
real life shit going on is ok. If you would like to go into a bit more detail, that's ok too. But if its something thats inappropriate... please T.M.I.

Dropping Guild Raids-
If something spare of the moment pops up at home/work. and you have to go. I completely understand. Try to fin someone to fill your role.
If that's not possible, we will try to find one. But if you decide to go because "it's boring" or "i have better shit to do" then u can pay 1000 gold
to the guild bank or suffer a demotion.

'-_-`-Above all try to fucking have fun, no drama, no bitching, an no QQ -`-_-`


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