The Asylum Guild Ranks and Jobs of Each

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The Asylum Guild Ranks and Jobs of Each

Post  Phunkie on Sat Jun 04, 2011 5:06 pm

Insanity - Guild Master - Phunkie
My Job is to make sure everything runs smoothly. Editing Ranks and permissions as needed. Attending to punishment and dealing with drama if there is any. The main Headache part of the guild. Creating a good environment and structure for the guild to build upon.

Mental - Admin - Co Guild Leaders
Attending to the Guild as a whole. Keep things running smooth when the GM isnt present. Dealing with drama and punishment when it is required.

Delirium - Officer
Attending to guild members and the odd jobs asked of them. These are my right hand men and women who aren't afraid to get down and dirty if the situation arises. They are friendly and know their class and the game. Ask them questions openly if you have any, or a guild related issue.

Hysteria - Raid Leaders
These peeps keep the raids going and ultimately the members happy. With full control of inviting Members and Elite Members to raids and events. They are creative and friendly. When no higher rank is present they have the last say in what happens in a raid and how things will go. They can and probably will be blunt and tell you whats going wrong. It's their job don't take it offensively.

Lunacy - Recruiter/Banker
These guys control the bank and Recruiting of players to the guild. It's their main job to see that our controlled environment stays happy and carefree by inviting the best down to earth and open minded people who can adapt easily.

Psychosis - Elite
These Members are our core group. To be one is to be profound at raiding and joining up to help out guild mates to the best of your ability. They can and will join to help you out. Whether there's anything in it for them or not.

Dementia - Member
This is the general population of our guild. Being friendly to new members and keeping up the spirits of others is the only thing required of them, besides being the casual raiders they are.

Schizo - Requirements Not Met (Raiding Gearscore not met yet)
These guys are the "In Training" part of our guild. They might need a little gear but soon you'll see their true power.

Fresh Meat - New members / Trial (7 days)
This is where the new members fall. Slowly but surely becoming part of the insane. All that is required is that you get to know the rest of the members of the guild and be as active as possible, and you'll soon find yourself among the highest ranks in The Asylum.

Lockdown - When your been a bad kid... you go here
If theres any problems in the guild that are very brutal, or something you did was questionable. You are put here. This is the probational period. You are stuck here until the problem is resolved or until the duration of your punishment is over. Before being put here you will be notified ingame and on the forum by a message from the GM, an Admin, or an Officer on what you did, and if you have time to serve in this rank.


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