Controlled Guild Bank

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Controlled Guild Bank

Post  Phunkie on Sun Jun 05, 2011 12:00 pm

Often times than not, we have a select group of members who will love to take from the guild bank and never return the favor. So I have the solution. I have a Special Rank for a "Banker".

The 1st 2 tabs in the Guild bank are open to members and above. Do as you wish and help out other members with tax free items. The next 4 Tabs are the Controlled ones. All items in these tabs are taxed. Meaning everything costs something. maybe not the regular 2,000 g. for a Cardinal Ruby, but the more rare an items is. the more the tax on it will be. This helps the guild bank out tremendously. By helping fund for repairs and other various things, like gearing up a tank or healer we need badly.

The last tab will be controlled by the GM and Admins only. These are the "Fun" items, Reward items, and items too rare to be exposed to the public. Special Auctions within Guild will be held from time to time for the cleaning of the last tab. This event will be posted 1 week ahead of time to allow preparation.

A list or Guide will be made at a later time on how much items will be taxed for.


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